about us

aalto aaniは音楽 / 映像制作ユニットです。”aalto aani”とは「波、音」という意味です。





aalto aani is a music / video production unit. aalto aani” means “wave sound”.

 We have a lot of great director, composers, musicians, producers, and artists with skills and achievements in our unit. And we don’t want to forget that even in the changing world of life and business, we can still get enriched from music, video and art. We set up this unit so that we can help the new society and people in the future by creating music and video.

Having your own original work of art is a very precious joyful experience and will change your own life work into something richer. We hope that by creating music and video, we can help each of you in your own endeavors.

We can create a wide variety of original music to suit your needs, including video production, music production, music for video, theatrical accompaniment, soundtracks, sound logos, songs, etc. We can also coordinate composers, musicians, and producers. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Thank you.



aalto aani 代表 紺紗実(konsami)